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(August, 2012) Fifth grade students at Madison are beginning to ask questins about 5 Live! News already. Many students have been looking forward to this opportunity for a few years. It is early into the year so far, but we can at least offer a view of the timeline of selecting the news team, and then producing the popular webcast.

October is the month for 5 Live! to start up again for the new year. Fifth grade students at Madison School will get a look at what it takes to put on a news program with a trip to a local news studio and a 'job fair' back at school at which students will play with the tools of the craft, and they will get a feel for what jobs would be fun for them. Then all interested students can apply for a position in the Bat Cave Production 'company.' Once all applications are in, interviews will follow during the last week of the month. Finally, students will be offered jobs by invitation for students to accept.

The first episode is annually targeted for the Friday before Thanksgiving. The production goal is for roughly 20 episodes by June. Yearly goals will be set by the editors once the staff is selected.

To view and download a copy of the application, Click Here.

The application is somewhat thorough for a 5th grade production, but the entire process is designed to give a real life experience in job hunting. Included in the application is work experience: duties one has been given to do, whether it be babysitting, church volunteering, Scouts leadership, or chores at home. Two references are requested: these are family members or neighbors who can put in a good word for each student; not all references are called, but many are, so it is wise to call the references to let them know they might be called.

At the bottom of the application form, parents are asked to sign and to check off whether or not the students may appear on the 5 Live! website. This is to help with selections to avoid any conflicts with privacy wishes. Students are expected to be neat in filling out the form. Invitations will be sent out for interviews the following week. Students are encouraged to dress up as professionally as they can for the interviews, depending on the level of the position desired. Students will interview for the highest ranked job they list; all three choices should be well considered, since many jobs will have much interest.
















Episode: March 23, 2012

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